About Us

For over 15 years I have been buying and selling high end, modern classic and classic Motor vehicles, many of which have found new owners throughout the world.


During the last few years I became interested in the idea of sourcing beautiful pre-owned and new luxury items of attire and other items of interest.

My main passion being rare and collectable watches, but as you will see there are many other items available such as handbags of all types and pieces of jewellery.

I hope you enjoy taking time to look at the various items that you might have an interest in, but if there is nothing that takes your fancy please return to our site at a later date as I am constantly looking for special items for you to view and hopefully purchase.

As like most things in life, that special item you are looking for might take a while to turn up but when it does you will feel it was worth the wait.

I sincerely hope you enjoy browsing through our website and find something you like.

Kindest Regards,

Philip Seymour Pope


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